Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where Does the Time Go?

How can it be September already.  In Australia, this is the third day of Spring and we have had some rain each day since Sept. 1.  August ended with two weeks of gorgeous cool/warm days.  It really seemed that spring had sprung.  Now, it feels like winter again, but looks like spring.  There are flowers blooming everywhere. 

These are the cherry trees which are along the drive way into our flat complex.  Below the trees are rosemary plants which have a lovely lavender blossom.

Bouquets of flowers from South Africa which were used for our stake conference.

There are so many unusual flowers and I'll have to take more pictures.  Daffodils are up, but tulips are not out yet.  I'll have to wait a few more weeks.

August started on a sad but happy note, with Elder Harvey returning home to England.  He has been such a wonderful missionary and a great teacher.  His "final transfer" came at the same time as Shantel Blackwell's 18th birthday, so the Blackwell family had a dual birthday/goodbye party at their home.  Many of the church members attended as well as friends of the family.

Elder Harvey looking on.  Anya Muir, Bro and Sis Summerfield and friends watching Bro Blackwell light the candles on the cake.

Elder Shepherd (Boston, MA) and Elder Cavanaugh (Queen Creek, AZ) enjoying the party.

Bro Lang, ward mission leader, filling his plate with sausage rolls.  Sausage rolls are served at every social gathering we have been to.  

Elizabeth Wright (YW Pres.), Sue Lownds (Stake Relief Society Counselor),  John Lownds (ward clerk), Archor Funsang (YSA leader) and David Blackwell.

Betty Humes (87 years old and as spry as she can be) visiting with Carrie Fulsang.

Sis Catherine Ross visiting with Elder Rust.

Having only 4 wards in a stake can be advantageous.  On the Friday evening before Stake Conference, the Stake hosts some kind of family activity.  This month it was the Battle of the Wards.  Each ward was assigned a color and had to perform 22 different activities.  Points were assigned to winners and losers and trophys were given to the winning ward.  Glenorchy Ward won the trophys.

Rosy Ward was yellow.

Glen Huon Ward was blue.

Glenorchy Ward was red.

Hobart Ward was green.
Elder Rust looks good with his new red hat which he plans to wear when he is at home playing with the Merry Music Makers.

The next weekend we had a ward party with an international flair.  Samoan baked pig, Wallaby stew, and many different cultural foods and entertainment.

Brianna and Tara Blackwell pose before they did a Philippines
dance with other ward young women. 

Here we are finally finishing with the district registers from the Department of Justice.  We created over 750 folders.  That was quite a feat.

That's all for this blog.  Hope you like it.

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