Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Relatives in Tasmania

Sunday was an interesting morning.  When Marvin was in Priesthood Mtg, Bro. Wooley made a 10 minute presentation to Marv, welcoming him into the Wooley family which resides here in Tasmania.  He had printed his pedigree chart and found where our family lines meet way back in England.  He presented Marv with a copy of the chart, along with pictures, a booklet about the Wooley families in Tasmania, and 4 Cadbury chocolate bars.  Kay also received a welcome and 1 chocolate bar in Relief Society.  Of course we didn't say that half of Salt Lake City is related to the Wooley family.  The Wooleys were a founding family in the Glen Huon area of Tasmania which is in our Stake.  There are several people in our ward which are from some line of the Wooley family.  So, it was fun to realize that our families stretch around the world.

Last month I mentioned that we enjoy our beautiful sunrises but we didn't have any pictures.  So, we captured some this month.  I hope you enjoy our early morning views.

 We don't have double moons here but we do have a good reflection of our dining room light.

As you can see, they are spectacular.  If you notice the fog coming down the river, it starts up river and slowly moves down to the coast.  I always thought fog started at the coast and moved inland.  Not here.  The fog is called the Bridgewater Jerry.  Back in history there was a boat by the name of Jerry and it traveled up and down the river as far as Bridgewater.  So, I guess they named the fog after it.  Interesting.

How do you celebrate Independence Day in a country that doesn't celebrate the same?  
Cupcakes, of course.  We shared them with office staff, home teaching families and our neighbors.

This area next to the archives is often filled with sea gulls finding any left-overs from lunches.  The students, both old and young, often draw on the sidewalk and on a huge blackboard with chalk.  There have been some quite good and interesting art work.

Australia is famous for their Ugg boots.  Comfortable but no support for your feet. 
 A giant must have lost his boot!

Well, that's about it for this month.  We are working on the last part of our current project, welfare of children.  Tomorrow we will visit with a lady in the Justice Dept. and see how we will be managing the project that the Dept. wants us to image.  Still no word about where we will be placed next.  I think Mark Kelly hasn't made that decision yet.  The two single sisters which were assigned to Adelaide have a permanent place in Melbourne now.  We understand that the Church is sending filming equipment there for them.  So, all is well and we keep busy and happy.

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  1. All I can say is WOW! Wow to the beautiful pictures and to Marvin's skill of technical camera work and power point. That was so beautiful with the music and the song was such a good choice.
    As far as news goes here, we have a new ward. It is called Wild Mare Ward. There is no longer a Center Creek First and Center Creek Second, It is just combined into Lake Creek Ward. Daniels Ward is no longer in their new building, they have been put back into the Mill Ward Building (the stake center) and the Mill Ward now is back in our building so we have three wards in our building again.
    I was in the hospital for three days. I was in Heber Hospital for a day and then transported by ambulance to Utah Valley for a Angioplasty but when they went in and looked at my heart, they saw that I had not had a heart attack and didn't have to have a stint, so I was sent home . I know that the blessing my son gave me had a lot to do with all that. The doctor said it was a mystery. All the stats showed that I had had a heart attack and he couldn't understand it. I am well and feel fine. I, now more than ever, have faith in blessings.
    Until your next blog, your friend in Heber, Joyce