Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mission Call

Marvin's call
Getting a mission call as a "senior" is a lot different than getting one as a young adult.  We had the option of what kind of mission we wanted to go to and also where in the world we wanted to serve.  Since Kay had the background in family history research and Marvin had the background in family history technology, we decided a family history mission records preservation would best suit our abilities.  Our sister-in-law, Pat Rust (Dilworth's wife) is serving in the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, UT, so we asked her who we should contact  regarding this mission.  A secretary from the Church Office Building called and told Marvin what missions were open in the fall.  When she said Melbourne, Australia, Marvin did not hesitate to say "We want that one."  We wanted a mission where we did not have to learn a foreign language although we know that there are some differences in the way Aussie's pronounce certain words that we will have to get used to.   Our summer has been spent getting needed shots and moving things into boxes to be stored.  Our good friends, Bob and Jeanne Alexander, are staying in our home now and while we will be gone.  That is a great blessing, to know that our home will be cared for.  Our date to go into the Provo, Utah  Missionary Training Center (MTC) is September 30.  We will be attending classes there for one week and then training in Salt Lake on the machines we will be using for another week.  We should be off to Australia by the middle of October.  Our specific assignment will be in Hobart, Tasmania.

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  1. I want to make the very first comment on your blog. God speed on your new adventure for the Lord. You both will be so good in this new calling and I hope they will have a good choir waiting for you so that you can continue adding to your musical talent as well. Besides that. . . . you two are a choir director's dream! Joyce Clark